eco minutes 27/03/14

Today we have discussed our ideas for this years ‘eco week’.

We have lots of ideas and would also like you to recycle your old bottle tops by bringing them in for a school badge mosaic. So far, we have discussed about having a bird watch,  Fairtrade, data handling on our carbon footprint, a sponsored litter pick, researching endangered animals, bee poster competition, planting in the eco garden, an eco treasure hunt, art using recycled old materials.

We would wish for you to blog your own ideas and help to make this years eco week possible.



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20/03/14 eco minuites

Please keep a close eye out for the new eco-posters that will be up by  next week hopefully.  We have sorted them out this week not so much post this week!

Please also remember that the eco-suggestions box is NOT for your golden tickets.  Also please do NOT put silly suggestions or silly statements in there.

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eco-minutes 13/02/14

1) We have had lots and lots of suggestions this week and we are very proud you have been involved.

2) We have finally , after long conciderasion , decided on our eco poster winners. They are listed below:

James, Y5E

Millie , Y5E

Connor, Y5/6C

Faye x2, Y5/6C

Amber, Y5E

Taylor, Y5E

Melissa, Y5E

Grace, Y5E

Dillon, Y3H

Thomas, Y3H

Caitin x2 Y5/6C

Keira, Y5/6C

Katy, Y5/6C

Amelia, Y5/6C

Asha, Y5/6C

Tia, Y5/6C

Aaliyah, Y5E

Joshua, Y5E

Jake, Y5E

Eve, Y5E

Jacob Y5/6C

Prizes will be handed over soon. We thank you again for your involvement.

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27/02/14 eco-commitee minutes

We have spent these last 2 weeksdeciding on our poster winners.

Thankyou for your imput Courtney Y5/6C in our eco-suggestions box. Brill suggestions!

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We have not seen many eco posters they need to be in by tomorow at the latest. We wan’t to give everyone a fair chance so don’t miss out! The winning entries will be on the eco blog so watch out for them next week only. Please participate. also the winner will get a prize!



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eco-minutes 23/01/14

First of all we would like to remind you that we NEED all of the eco designs for the poster compotition to Mr Clegg or Miss Eves by the end of January (the 31st of January)

Here are some ideas:

Switch off lights,

Pick up litter,

Close doors and windows,

Switch off computer and whiteboards and

Recycle correctly.

If you can think any others , be our guest to use them. The more unique , the better.

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eco-minutes 16/01/14

1)We are still looking for eco sudgestions in the eco box and we have none every week. Scrap paper is next to the box.

2)We will be metioning the eco posters in assembly so keep a eye out for it!

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Eco-minutes 28/11/13

1)We eco people are not very happy with the amount of people turning up to our eco meeting. The regular people turning up are myself,Faye,Emily and Chelsea. we are puttig an anouncement on the radio each week to remind people.

2)Our eco garden checkershave reported to us that people are just jumping on the reeds in the maze. If you are one of these people please could you stop and have a little respect for the garden otherwise the garden will become a restricted area.


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Eco-commitee minutes 09/01/14

First of all we would like to wish you all a happy new year. Hopefuly we will have the green flag up before the end of the year!

1)We really DO need some suggestions in our eco-box,so please get busy writing.

2)We are trying to get even more involved in becoming eco friendly and we have suggested a walk to school week. Have you got any more suggestions?

3)Eco-class of the week will now be announced on the newsletter each week.

4)Soon we will be asking you too create your own eco posters to be judged and the best ones will go up around school to replace the ones there now.

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Eco minutes

1] Thankyou for bringing the blue bags in. Altogether we made a car park space full of  blue bags.

2] Miss Eves class won the eco class of the week. The most weakness across the board was the problem of the lights doors and windows. Look out for that!

3] Just a reminder: There IS an Eco suggestion box. PLEASE give us some ideas! This box, if you’ve forgot, is near the office, directly oppisite infact!

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