17/10/14 eco minutes


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Today the eco committee found out that the blue bag competition winning prize is the bee experience. The eco committee will be joining 5e on their prize.

We are having an eco assembly on the first Wednesday on the week after the holidays.

Also, Colby, the 5f rep, has kindly donated £16.50 for a bird bath for the eco garden.

Thankyou Colby on behalf of the eco committee and the whole school.


The Bee Experience!


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Well done to Y5E who managed to return to school the most blue bags! They have been given a very special reward from the Eco Committe. A bee expert will be coming in to work with the children to teach them all about how bees make honey, exploring a bee hive and have the opportunity to make their own bee hive!

We can’t wait to see the pictures Y5E – have fun and well done!

The Brick collection


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We would like to thank everyone who has supported us today by donating items of food to wear their non uniform today. We are pleased to donate all of the goodies to The Brick Charity!




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Today we have been talkin about how our meetings are going to change.

We also talked about using the blog more and the prize for the winning class for the blue bag competition.

We looked at buying some more bird food for the garden.


The Eco Committee



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Well done and a huge thank you to everyone who brought into school their recycled goods in the blue bags! We managed to collect more bags than last year as the bags could fill nearly 2 car park spaces full!

The winning class of the competition was Y5E! They worked well as a team and managed to bring into school 14 bags alone! A special reward will be coming your way from the Eco Committee very soon!

Once again the Eco Committee would like to thank everyone for their continued support to help make our school community a more eco firendly place.

Blue Bags!!


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The Eco Committee would like to remind you all to return your blue bags or bin bags of recycled goods to school no later than Thursday 9th October!

You could include old clothes, soft toys, paired shoes, ties, handbags etc

REMEMBER – We are holding a competition in school, the class that brings in the most bags, receives an ECO AWARD!

From Mrs Laithwaite

Welcome Back Eco Warriors!


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A new year has begun with new Eco Challenges ahead! We can’t wait!

We have already begun our Eco work back in school and we started with appointing some new members to our Eco Committee. The new members are –

Year 3 – Harrison and Harvey

Year 4 – Chelsea and Dillon

Year 5 – Emily and Colbie

Year 6 – Caitlin and William

We will keep you updated regularly with the minutes of our Eco meetings and any events that we will hold in school! If you have any questions or suggestions for the Eco Committee, see your class rep!

From Mrs Laithwaite

20/03/14 eco minuites


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Please keep a close eye out for the new eco-posters that will be up by  next week hopefully.  We have sorted them out this week not so much post this week!

Please also remember that the eco-suggestions box is NOT for your golden tickets.  Also please do NOT put silly suggestions or silly statements in there.

eco-minutes 13/02/14


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1) We have had lots and lots of suggestions this week and we are very proud you have been involved.

2) We have finally , after long conciderasion , decided on our eco poster winners. They are listed below:

James, Y5E

Millie , Y5E

Connor, Y5/6C

Faye x2, Y5/6C

Amber, Y5E

Taylor, Y5E

Melissa, Y5E

Grace, Y5E

Dillon, Y3H

Thomas, Y3H

Caitin x2 Y5/6C

Keira, Y5/6C

Katy, Y5/6C

Amelia, Y5/6C

Asha, Y5/6C

Tia, Y5/6C

Aaliyah, Y5E

Joshua, Y5E

Jake, Y5E

Eve, Y5E

Jacob Y5/6C

Prizes will be handed over soon. We thank you again for your involvement.

27/02/14 eco-commitee minutes


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We have spent these last 2 weeksdeciding on our poster winners.

Thankyou for your imput Courtney Y5/6C in our eco-suggestions box. Brill suggestions!